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Getting Started

How long does it take for my account to be setup?

Within 24 hours of filling out the signup form.

Do I have to enter in my domain name?

Yes, you have to have a domain name to host with us. Make sure the domain name is available if you have not registered it already. Even if we are not registering the domain for you, you need to enter it in on the order form.

Is the order form secure?

Yes, the order form and all information passed through it is completly secure.

Why do I get an error when I order?

Make sure you are using a valid Visa/Mastercard, that your info was typed in correctly, and that the address you put in matches the cards billing address.

What is an off network email address?

An off network email address is one that is not based at the domain name you are hosting with us. If your domain name is, [email protected] is considered 'on network.

How do I view my site?

Before your domain is pointed you can view your site via an IP address. If you do not have a dedicated IP, goto http://SERVERIP/~login/ Make sure you have the trailing slash on the end. This url should be in your setup letter. If you have a dedicate IP, goto http://YOURIP

How do I get my domain to work?

Your domain will not work until you have pointed it to the correct nameservers. This is done by contacting your domains registrar and having them point the domain to the nameservers in your setup letter. Point your domain to the following servers. which is the primary and which is the secondary.

I use network solutions, how do I make the DNS transfer?

1. Goto 2. Click on "make changes" 3. Enter in your domain name, continue 4. Select from the drop down box "transfer my domain to another ISP", continue 5. Follow the wizard to change your nameservers to the ones sent in your setup letter. 6. You will need to confirm the change via email response. If you dont have access to the main email account, give network solutions a call and ask them what to do next.

I dont use network solutions, how do I make the DNS transfer?

You need to contact your registrar, either through an online control panel they provide, or through e-mail, to change your nameservers to point to the ones in your setup letter.

I use RWH as my registrar, how do I make the DNS change.

We will take care of the change automatically once you fill out the domain registration form.

How do I send in a trouble ticket?

Select helpdesk under support section.

Why didn't I get a response to my ticket?

network email address when you sent in your ticket? Tickets are usually answered within a few hours, but it can sometimes be until the end of the day until they all get replies depending on how busy things are.

How do I setup domain parking?

Send in a trouble ticket with the domain name you want parked,and the domain name you need it parked on

Can I park a domain and have it point to a subdir?

No, All parked domains must point to the same main page as your main domain.

Can I setup email for a parked domain?

Yes, but only through a 3rd party email service provider such as or Parked domains will not work with our default email system.

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