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How do I get to my control panel?

There is quite a few ways to get to your panel Goto: http://serverip:2082

Why can't I get to my control panel?

There are a few possible reasons as to why you wouldn't be able to get to your control panel. If your domain name has not been transferred over to our servers yet, you will have to go via http://serverip:2082 to get to your control panel. If you still cannot connect make sure that you are not behind a firewall.

How do I change my password?

Login to your RWHPanel and select Change Password

General Control Panel Overview

Control Panel Overview Our Control Panel makes setting up your web site easy! The Control Panel itself is a user-friendly graphical interface that permits quick and easy access to all the features available to your particular account plan. The features inside the Control Panel automate processes that users must do manually with other hosting services.

NOTE TO FRONTPAGE USERS: Most of the options in your Control Panel will NOT work with FrontPage Extensions installed. It's a known fact throughout the industry that Microsoft has established itself as a "world in itself" and therefore the majority of their software is incompatible with the other world. We provide FP Extensions as a courtesy to those that know how to use it and prefer it over the more common methods of designing web sites.
File Manager By clicking this option you can view all the directories and files in your account, as well as change permissions for directories and files, create directories, create and edit files, and upload files from your hard drive to your account.
Mail Manager This option is where you create and edit, change passwords, forward email to other email accounts, and create autoresponders for your Pop3 email accounts. (Quick Note: It is not necessary to create email aliases as your default email account acts as a "Catch All Account. In other words [email protected] will be delivered to your default mail account.)
Change Password Click this option to change the password for your Control Panel and FTP Client.
Site Statistics This option will assist you in monitoring visitors to and from your site. This area features 3 different views of your traffic: Analog, which basically provides you with a quick summary, Webalizer, which provides you with more detailed information, and Last 300 visitors, with detailed information on each. This area also contains a link to access your error log, which will assist you in trouble shooting your scripts.
Network Tools This option provides you with dns lookup capabilities and traceroute.
FTP This option is available in accounts with multiple ftp accounts and also those with anonymous ftp. From here your can set your users up, setup how anonymous users are treated, change anonymous policies, view who is online, and boot anyone from a session.
SSH / Telnet We are in the process of having RSA established and once that is completed, users will be able to access this feature just as any other telnet client and issue commands.
Password Protect Directories You cannot use this option with FrontPage. This option will have to be done in FrontPage. Password protecting your directories has never been easier. This option allows you to select the directory you wish to password protect from a drop down box and then enter usernames and passwords of those you want to allow access to that part of your web site and remove them just as easily...all at the click of a button.
Custom Error Pages This option will assist you in customizing how your error pages look. It includes: 400, 401, 403, 404, and 500 error pages.
MySQL MySQL is a database engine that you can use with your web site. There are two separate features in the Control Panel. One allows you to create your databases and assign users while the other feature permits you to edit the database.
Mime Types MIME = Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions This option allows you to add Mime Types to your account. Refer to Chapter 20 for more information regarding this feature. You cannot use this option with FrontPage Extensions installed. You will have to use FrontPage to perform this function.
Crontab This option will assist you setting up automated processes.
Entropy Chat This option will allow you to setup a web based chat on your site.
Shopping Cart This feature is not yet completed. However, once it is complete, users will be able to setup a fully functional shopping cart on their site at the click of a button.
Search Engine Submission This option will assist you in submitting your URL to several of the popular search engines in one click. We are testing this area with several different scripts, so it's going through changes.
PGP = Pretty Good Privacy This option allows you to install a public key for your PGPMail.
Sub Domains This option will assist you setting up subdomains inside your account plan. Subdomains are Your subdomain would look something like

Explanation of MIME types

This feature is not available for FrontPage users. If any Mime types are needed, FP users will have to be added using FrontPage.

The MIME Types option in your Control Panel allows you to set certain programs to be used for specific extensions.
In easier-to-understand terms, MIME Types help your web server to identify what type of file is being requested by your browsers. For instance, when the web server gets a request from a browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape, for a file that ends in .html the web server knows that it is an html document because that extension is stored in the Mime Type. If the web server gets a request from a browser for a file that ends in .gif, the web server knows that it is an image because that too is stored in the Mime Types. This applies to every file, image,application, etc. that may be requested by a web browser. If the extension is not stored within the Mime Type, the web server will not recognize it and will not be able to assist the browser and that particular file type will not be viewable by the user.
Mime types are identified by the server by the following format: subtype/type extension
For example, adding the following two Mime Types will allow users to view ipx images on your web, pages:
application/x-ipscript .ips application/x-ipix .ipx
application identifies the subtype, x-ipscript identifies the application, and .ips identifies the extension used for that application.
For more information on Mime Types you can visit

Should I enable subdomains?

Yes, as soon as your domain name resolves you can and should enable subdomains for your account. Do so by clicking on 'enable subdomains' on the subdomain manager section of your control panel.

How do I remove a subdomain?

Go to Control Panel. Under sub domain select the sub domain you want to delete and delete or remove.

What is a subdomain?

A subdomain refers to a domain that is based on your main domain. For example if your main domain is, a subdomain would be

How do the extra FTP accounts work?

When you are logging into an FTP you created through the control panel or into anonymous FTP, make sure you are using '[email protected]' for the login name

How does Anonymous FTP work?

For anonymous FTP use [email protected] to login. The anonymous FTP runs out of your public_ftp folder.

Does RWH offer SMTP?

Yes. SMTP will only work if you have checked your email within 20 minutes of when you want to send. If you havent you will get an error, and you will need to whack the send/recieve button a few times to get the letter to go out.

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  • 5.0.xx 5.1.x 5.5.x 5.7.x 10.x.x

  • 11.6x.x 11.70.x 11.72.x

  • 4.7.x (older versions available)


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