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Can I use a 3rd party DNS Service?

Yes, although we do not recommend it. Some of the features of our control panel may not work correctly when using a 3rd party DNS provider such as sub domains. You may need a dedicated IP to use some 3rd party DNS providers.

How to go about transferring My Domain Name?

If you have already registered your domain name elsewhere, realwebhost will try to assist you in transferring your domain to us.

The transfer process depends on the registrar with whom you registered your domain name. If you registered your domain name with Network Solutions, you can indicate on your order form that you would like to request the transfer for you. We will make the request, and Network Solutions will request confirmation by sending a message to the e-mail address they have on file for you. Once they receive an e-mail response from you to confirm the transfer, they will go ahead and transfer the domain name to our network, usually within 48 hours.

Other registars such as and Namesecure request that you login to their systems, using the login and password they assigned you, and transfer the domain name yourself. Once you login, you will come across a link that allows you to change your nameserver information.

In that section, please update your nameserver information to the following:







This will based on the setup email you receive it will have the name servers you need to transfer to for our servers.

Here are some links to domain manager interfaces for some registrars, that allow you to follow the steps just outlined: Namesecure:

Please contact other registrars directly to ask about their domain transfer procedures. Inform them that you wish to transfer your domain to, and provide them with the nameserver information listed above.

While waiting for the new nameserver information to propagate around the Internet, we recommend maintaining your site at your current host to avoid down time for your site. During this time, you can use the IP address that we gave you to mirror your web site on servers until the transfer is complete.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our support staff. [email protected]

Can Real Web Host Register Our Domain Name?

Yes We can. After you have domain name that you want and have made sure it is available give us the name and the site where you located it and we will register in your name. Check our hosting page for prices. You can also go to our site for a full domain registration page.

What is a Domain Pointer?

A Domain Pointer also called Domain Aliases is simply a second domain pointing to your primary domain. Domain Pointers do not have working email or a control panel.

How do I setup a Domain Pointer?

Submit a trouble ticket at our helpdesk and including the following 1. Primary Domain 2. Domain Pointer needed to setup Be sure that your Domain Pointers are pointing to the same name server, these can be found in your confirmation email or simply do a check in the internic WHOIS server.

I am a new customer, and transfering my domain what do I do?

Once you change your domain's dns, you should be able to view your domain within 72 hours .

Why is there another website on the ip that was given to me?

The majority of all accounts on our system may be on a "shared ip" meaning there are other customers on the same ip you are. This is why its benifical for you to transfer your domain promptly once signed up with us. You can always view your account at http://yourip/~yourlogin

Can I point a domain to a sub directory?

Yes, in your RWH Control panel

How do I register a new domain?

You can register your domain at our partner website

How do I request a static IP?

We provide static ips by default for the last 2 of our 6 packages.

Usually we only give static ips to customers if you have a good reason. Why? Because ARIN (the people who control the ip addresses of the internet) setup strict rules that state that we can not give an ip to a domain just because you want it. Two valid reasons are that:

1. You need SSL setup

2. You need anonomyous FTP setup

If you have a valid reason for a static ip, you will need to backup your entire site (using the backup feature in your control panel) before requesting it because we will terminate your account and reset it up.

After your site is backed up, open a trouble ticket at our HelpDesk and request a static ip.

There is a $10.00 setup and $2.00 per month for a static ip address.

What is DNS?

DNS stands for Domain Name Services and is how computers find other computers on the Internet. Unique IP addresses are associated with each computer on the Internet. These IP addresses are like house numbers on a street, they make it possible for other computers to find your computer. To make finding computers easier for humans DNS allows you to create an easy to remember name for your computer and associate it with your computer's IP Address. By adding an Alias record to a DNS server for your domain and telling it that is the computer with an IP Address of you allow anyone on the internet to find your computer by using the name

How Do I transfer my domain name to Real Web Host?

First, if you just want to leave your domain name where it is, all you have to do is go to your registrar and change the dns name servers. We have some tutorials for doing this here if your registrar is listed.

If however, you want to transfer your domain to our domain name services then do the following: Signup the hosting account with us using your domain name. After you signup go ahead and go to your domain name registrar and point your domain name to the dns name servers that will be in your welcome email. After this is done go to this page

Here you will create a new account for the domain name; this is free. Once you have the account created then go to this page

In the middle of the page you will see the word Transfer. Click and follow the process. Transfer cost is $8.00 which will add an additional year of registration to the domain name.

If you do want to transfer the domain name, you do it this way to go ahead and get your site active while the transfer is being done.

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  • 4.7.x (older versions available)


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