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POP3 Server (Incoming Email)

What is an overview of POP3 service?

The ability to provide E-mail services to clients includes two critical functions: SMTP and POP3. Together, they provide the means for clients to send outgoing mail and check for new incoming mail, respectively. POP3 service is the side of e-mail that allows clients to check for new incoming messages delivered to their POP3 e-mail accounts. The POP3 server performs two basic but important functions. First, it authenticates, or verifies, the identity of those trying to access certain POP3 accounts in the form of a login and password. Secondly, it allows clients to download any new e-mail they may have in their POP3 account(s). Think of the POP3 server in terms of your local post office. Just like snail mail, e-mail is routed in a similar fashion. Access to the mail requires authentication, whether in the form of a lock and key or login and password. Once authentication is verified, one can obtain any mail that might exist (in the PO Box or the POP3 account). Finally, you need to configure your e-mail client so that it knows what POP3 server to check for new e-mail. This "address" is similar to a unique address you would go to check your mail at a local post office. The same key would not work for the same box number in a different city, just like the same login and password would not work for the same POP3 account on a different POP3 server. In order to access the correct POP3 server, configure your e-mail client to access the POP3 (Incoming Mail) Server:

What does POP3 stand for?

POP3 stands for Post Office Protocol version 3, which is the generally accepted protocol used for authentication and downloading e-mail.

What port does POP3 run on?

Real Web Host's POP3 server runs on port 110. This is important but probably not needed for your e-mail client configuration.

What is the POP3 server used for?

The POP3 server stores all accumulated e-mail for each client on a per domain basis. Think of the POP3 server similar to your local Post Office, where people with PO Boxes can check for new mail (e-mail) at anytime using a key (login and password combination).

What do I use for my POP3 (incoming) mail server?

Your POP3 incoming mail server should be set to: Using this setting will allow you to check for any e-mail on any POP3 account setup on your domain.

What program does Real Web Host use for POP3 service?

Real Web Host uses the sendmail program, (which is subject to change at any time).

How often can I check for new e-mail?

As often as your e-mail client will allow, which is most likely every minute the application remains open. We do not limit the number of times you can check your mail.

How much mail can I have stored on each POP3 account?

You can store up to the Megabytes of storage available on your virtual hosting account. However, there may be limitations set by you specific to each POP3 account you have setup. For example, you may create an account for a friend and limit their disk usage to 1 Megabyte. This includes any attachments that may be included with the e-mail message. It is always a good idea to check your e-mail regularly. If your e-mail tests the limitation, any additional incoming e-mail will bounce and thus, will not be delivered. Real Web Host strongly encourages you to not store e-mail on the server.

Does e-mail on the server count towards my allotted space?

Yes. Any e-mail you have stored on the server counts as storage for your account. This is one reason we recommend not storing e-mail on the server. Once you download and read your mail, you should ensure that your e-mail client deletes the mail from the server. In the configuration settings for your e-mail client, make sure that you do not have the option selected to "Leave mail on server" if you do not wish to store e-mail on the server.

Why does it take a long time to download my e-mail?

There can be several reasons for this. One of which is that you have received an e-mail message with a large attachment. An example would be that someone sent you an e-mail with a 10MB attachment. If you connect on a 28.8 Kbps modem, this would take approximately 47 minutes to download alone! Another possibility is that there are connectivity problems between your ISP and Real Web Host, causing your e-mail to download slower than normal.

Why can't I connect to the POP3 server?

There are several reasons why you may not be able to connect to the POP3 server, and thus, not be able to check your POP3 account(s) for new messages. Use the following guideline to solve this sort of problem:

  1. Make sure you first have a connection to the Internet. Verify this by visiting a website.
  2. Make sure your e-mail client is configured properly according to the instructions in your welcome email. This does not apply if you have checked for new e-mail before and have not changed your configurations since.
  3. Have you successfully connected to the POP3 server from this location before? In other words, are you trying to connect to the POP3 server for the first time or from a new location for the first time?
  4. Verify that you are not behind a firewall! If you are at work, this should be your first clue. If you find that you are behind a firewall, verify with the network administrator that port 110 is allowed. If it is not, this is the reason you cannot connect to the POP3 server
  5. Call your ISP or whoever is providing you the connection to the Internet and verify that port 110 (POP3) is not denied. If it is, this is the reason you cannot connect to the POP3 server
  6. Finally, log into your Control Panel, and click the server name where your domain is hosted. Verify that POP3 service is not currently unavailable.
If you get this far and are still unable to connect, try to connect to another POP3 server that you may access to, such as your ISPs POP3 server. At this point, the problem is most likley on the client side.

What is wrong when I get a Login/password mismatch or Authentication failure error?

If you are entering in the correct login, then you must be using the wrong password for this particular POP3 account. It is very important to remember that both the login and the password are case sensitive! Try several times, making sure that you are entering in your login and password correctly. Remember that you determined the login and password for this account through your Control Panel! If you cannot get in, do not panic! This is a problem that is easily corrected. Take the following steps one by one to correct this problem:

  1. Log into your Control Panel using your system login and your system password.
  2. Select "Mailbox/Users" on the left, then select the account you are having problems with.
  3. Now type a new password for this POP3 account. Once you have entered this password, press the "Save" button near the bottom of the page.
  4. The password for this POP3 account has now been changed, and you can check for e-mail on this POP3 account using the login and the new password.

What is my "master" POP3 account?

When your account is created, a master POP3 account is set-up by default. This account is [email protected] and this name cannot be changed. In your Control Panel, you will notice that this POP3 account is "locked". While you cannot delete it, you can change the password for it at any time.

Does my master POP3 account password change when I change my system password?

Yes. Changing your system password will change your master email account password.

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