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How does Real Web Host run PHP?

Real Web Host offers PHP as an Apache module, not as a CGI binary. Thus, clients can take advantage of the benefits of using PHP as an Apache module.

What is the current version of PHP offered to clients?

Currently, we are using PHP 4.x.

Do I have to have a header at the top of my PHP scripts?

No. Since we are not using PHP as a CGI binary, there is no reason to use the #!/usr/bin/php header in your PHP scripts. Doing so will only cause the header to show up as output as well.

Can I use PHP in conjunction with mySQL?

Absolutely. Once of the big advantages of PHP is the ability to interface to databases, including mySQL. Since we offer mySQL as apart of our service, you can have PHP act as a front-end to your mySQL databases. Not only is this possible, but it is very powerful. Many of the applications, such as parts of, are provided as PHP output querying from a mySQL database.

Where can I find more information on PHP and using it on my website?

PHP is quickly becoming a very popular scripting language. More information on PHP can be found on the official website, located at . On their website, you can find a listing on all PHP functions, libraries, example scripts, a mailing list for developers, and other useful information.

Why won't my PHP scripts create/edit/delete files?

This is because your PHP scripts run under the userid "nobody" and group "nobody". In order to get around this, you will need to set the relevant files and directories to world read/writable. (chmod 777)

Can I use short tags in my PHP scripts?

Yes, we have installed PHP to support short tags, so you can use this feature in your PHP scripts.

Can I run PHP scripts anywhere on my virtual server?

Yes, PHP scripts do not have to reside in a particular directory and will run anywhere on your virtual server.

What is PHP?

PHP is a server-side, cross-platform, HTML embedded scripting language. It has a syntax familiar to both Perl and C. PHP-enabled web pages are treated just like regular HTML pages and you can create and edit them the same way you normally create regular HTML pages.

What are valid file extensions I can use for PHP scripts?

The valid file extensions for PHP scripts are listed below: .php These file extensions must be used in order for your PHP scripts to run properly.

What permissions do I need to use on my PHP scripts?

To avoid any problems, you should set your PHP scripts to 755, or user everything, group and world read and execute permission.

What userid does my PHP scripts run under?

Your PHP scripts will run under the same userid as the webserver (Apache), which is "nobody". Therefore, since your PHP scripts do not run under your userid, you must take this into consideration when you are trying to create, edit, or modify files with your PHP scripts. Secondly, PHP scripts run under the group "nobody" as well. All clients are in the group "cust". Therefore, in order to allow PHP to create, modify, and/or delete files within your account, you would need to have world read/write permission on the files and within the directories where the files will be created.

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  • 5.0.xx 5.1.x 5.5.x 5.7.x 10.x.x

  • 11.6x.x 11.70.x 11.72.x

  • 4.7.x (older versions available)


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