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Whether you're just hosting a personal site or establishing an ecommerce website on the internet, Real Web Host can help. You get more than just disk space and bandwidth. Together with our full-featured hosting plans, we bundle in a variety of software and other tools to create full-service solutions designed to help you succeed. All features below come with each hosting plan. Hard to find all these with other hosting companies!

Control Panel

General Features

  • 99.5% Uptime Guarantee

    99.5% Uptime Guarantee

    We will make every reasonable attempt to avoid unexpected server downtime and to ensure that all accounts are well taken care of. We cannot guarantee or predict server downtime. Any network problem, or outage, is not covered under any guarantee or warranty and will not be grounds for reimbursement for any subsequent financial damages or losses. Even though we do daily, weekly, and monthly backups on all accounts on all servers user backups are ultimately the account holder's responsibility.

    Real Web Host guarantees that your server will be operational for 99.5% during a calendar month. This does not include scheduled downtime for maintenance on servers, which will be minimal, and necessary. This also doesn't include mass-network problems such as major backbone problems or hardware failures.

    You must submit full documentation by email to Real Web Host with your credit request, documentation must show details of proof of downtime. These can be in any manner including Pings, trace routes, or 3rd party outage notifications. Emails without full details are not liable for a credit. The credit must be requested within the first 3 days of the outage that has occurred.

    Real Web Host will not be liable for any lost revenues during your down time.

  • Redundant Network Connections

    Network Description

    Our next package is on of our most popular plans. Our Network Plan, which has a base price of $16.95 per month, if you prepay 12 months in advance, the price drops to $14.95 per month. Here's a quick rundown of the major features of this account

    Network Package

    Geared toward: has a moderatly popular website with alot of hits per month, best "bang for your buck", small gaming websites

    • Storage: 300 MB
    • Monthly Traffic Allowance: 8 GIG'S
    • Sub Domains: 15 subdomains
    • Additional FTP Accounts: 10 additonal ftp accounts
    • Mailing List: 6 mailing list
    • MySQL Databases: 6 mysql database
    • Shared SSL Cert: Yes
    • POP Accounts: 30 pop accounts
  • 24 hour Support

    24 hour Support

    Real Web Host has always been committed to Customer Service and #1 Technical Support. This is why we provide you with 24 hour access to many ways to contact our Support Department, Including Forums, off site support url's, and helpdesk.

    When other companies don't even offer a phone number to contact them, RWH is a step above because we are dedicated to offering Low Prices and High Quality.

  • Daily Backup

    Nightly Backups

    All clients of Real Web Host enjoy a full backup of all files including html, image and email accounts. In case you loose your website due to a reformat, simply log into your control panel and download your latest backup from the previous night.

  • Multiple SubDomains

    Sub Domains (

    Real Web Host allows you to setup your own sub domains.

    Sub domains are created under your /public_html directory so you do not need extra FTP accounts. Simply create the sub domain in your Control Panel and upload into the directory that the system automatically creates!

  • High-Speed Servers

    Our Servers

    Real Web Host uses only brand named servers which results in higher uptimes, more reliable hardware and overall faster service. Our Servers have no less then a PIII 850 Mhz CPU, Dual Hard Drives, Nightly Backup, and 1 gig of ram

    Our Servers have on average a 99.85% uptime per month, some of our servers normally experience a 100% uptime!

  • 24 hour Network Monitoring

    24 hour Network Monitoring

    Real Web Host has a very redundant Network Monitoring program setup, which we use a 2 Tier system. We have our normal software which pings all our major services on each server every 5 minutes, and we also have "Human Monitors" which are located at key points across America, which has 100% access to all our System Administrators which they can contact if our network is not reachable. Very likely if you realize a site or server is not responding, we already know about it and are working to get it resolved.

  • Access to Raw Logs

    Web Stats

    Via your account's control panel you can access a report of Web, FTP, and e-mail usage. The report includes information such as how many unique visitors your site has had, how much data has been transferred, what types of Web browsers visitors are using, and more. We allow you to view stats made from Webalizer and Analog. Each is updated nightly

    You can also download the "raw" log files (formatted as plain-text files), which can be imported directly into any advanced Web statistics software.


Development Features

  • PHP 4.4.7, 5.1.6, 5.2.24


    PHP is a server-side, cross-platform, HTML embedded scripting language. Working with mySQL, PHP can be extremely powerful, allowing you to create a web-interface to mySQL database tables. PHP is very similar to HTML documents, but is quite a bit more flexible and faster when working with database's.

    A more detailed introduction to PHP can be found on the Zend Website and the PHP Website

  • Apache 1.3.39, 2.26


    Apache is the most commonly used web server on the internet today, it's used in over 80% of all servers around the world. Using Apache HTTP Server will mean your site will be online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Perl 5.8.x


    Perl is an interpreted high-level programming language created for the internet. Perl allows you to create guest book's, forms, and it has countless other possibilities. Real Web Host provides you with numerous pre-installed cgi scripts. There is also many websites that offer thousands of pre-installed scripts for your use.

    Perl is the most widely used programming language for writing website applications. For more information on Perl, visit

  • Mysql 4.1.22, 5.0.45


    MySQL is a true multi-user, multi-threaded SQL database server. SQL is the most popular database language in the world. MySQL is a client/server implementation that consists of a server daemon, mysqld, and many different client programs and libraries.

    For more information on MySQL, visit

  • cpanel version 11
  • Server Side Includes (SSI)

    Server Side Includes

    Server-Side Includes (also referred to as SSI or SHTML) allow you to embed programming code into your web page that the server will process before sending the page to the user. Put simply, SSI is sort of like using your HTML server as a cut and paste editor. It allows you to add such things as a clock or embedded counter into your website. There are thousands of possbilites for SSI on your website.

    It's an easy way to add advanced features to your website, without having to write complete CGI programs. If you are interested in learning more click here

  • 30+ Preinstalled Perl & PHP Scripts

    Instant Installable PHP Scripts!

    No other hosting company can offer you so much scripts at a click of the mouse! We offer the following scripts for all customers to install on our system.

    • osCommerce
    • phpBB2
    • Invision Board
    • b2 (News)
    • PHPauction
    • 4images Gallery
    • PHProjekt
    • PHP-Nuke
    • Post-Nuke
    • phpLinks
    • phpAdsNews
    • phpWebSite
    • PerlDesk
  • Multimedia Support

    Streaming Media Support

    Real Web Host is able to support a vast amount of new technologies for your website. These include Macromedia Shockwave, Flash, WAV and even MP3 files.

    We allow you to have unlimited HTTP-based streams on all our hosting packages, and do not charge you extra for its use. Network performance is extremely important in providing good quality streaming, so our lightning-fast servers and connections ensure full quality viewing for your visitors!

  • Fantastico 2.8

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  • 5.2.x 5.3.x 5.4.x 5.5.x 5.6.x 7.0.x 7.1.x 7.2.x

  • 5.0.xx 5.1.x 5.5.x 5.7.x 10.x.x

  • 11.6x.x 11.70.x 11.72.x

  • 4.7.x (older versions available)

  • 5.2.x 5.3.x 5.4.x 5.5.x 5.6.x 7.0.x 7.1.x 7.2.x

  • 5.0.xx 5.1.x 5.5.x 5.7.x 10.x.x

  • 11.6x.x 11.70.x 11.72.x

  • 4.7.x (older versions available)


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